December 2019
Education and degrees awarded
Academic Education
PhD in theatre and drama research                                                                                           
Theatre Academy
Bachelor of Arts
University of Helsinki
Master of Arts                               
University of Helsinki, Faculty of Arts
Main subjects: Theatre Research, Creative Writing, Philosophy, Modern Greek language and Literature
1996 (6 months)                                                         
Ph.D. student 
University of Manchester, Department of Sociology, Department of Drama                      
Master of Education
University of Tampere, Department of Education
Main subjects: Education, Social Psychology, Literature
1.11.2003  Adjunct Professor in Theatre and Drama Research
University of Tampere, Department of Literature and the Arts                  
Other education and training, qualifications and skills
2018-2019 Socratic Dialogue Facilitator
Society for the Furtherance of Critical Philosophy (SFCP), England
Die Philosophisch-Politische Akademie, Germany
2009-2010 Philosophical Counsellor
Critical Open University of Helsinki
2018 Shared Reading Facilitator
The Reader, Liverpool UK
2007- Master of Theology
(on going) University of Eastern Finland, Faculty of Theology
2004-2005  University Pedagogy (15 study weeks)
University of Tampere
2005-2006 Immediate Superior Training
University of Tampere
Linguistic skills
Finnish native Speakers
Swedish, basic written and oral skills
English, excellent written and oral skills
Germany, basic skills
Modern Greek, conversational skills, good written skills
Koinee Greek [New Testament Greek], elementary skills
Current position
1.11. – 31.12.2019                                    
Authority. Arts Promotion Centre Finland.
Previous work experience
1.5. – 31.7.2019                                       
Authority. Arts Promotion Centre Finland.
1.2.2017 – 24.9.2019                             
Senior Researcher
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
15.3.2010 – 31.1.2017                            
Specialized Researcher
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
2010 -                                                       
Lecturer of Philosophy and Philosophical Practice education.
Critical University, Helsinki
1.8.2006 – 14.3.2010                            
Senior Lecturer, Dramaturgy
Helsinki Polytechnic & Theatre Applied Studies
1.08.2005 - 31.07.2006          Director                                                                                                                                                                                Theatre Museum, Helsinki
1.01.2002 – 31.7.2005                                             
Theatre and Drama research
University of Tampere
Lecturer of Creative Writing Education
Open University, Hämeenlinna
Research funding as well as leadership and supervision (funding granted)
2015-2021 Arts as Public Service: Strategic Steps towards Equality (ARTSEQUAL consortium). Director of group - Impacts on the Arts on Equality and Well-being. Finnish Academy 293199/2015. (500 000 – over 1 milj.) (Research Director of group nro 5)
2018-2020 Floor is Yours! Esittävien taiteiden työturvallisuus hanke. Finnish Work Environment Fund. (235 018 e total budject, TSR 130 000) (Research Director)
2018 Taidetoiminnan vaikutusten taloudellinen arviointi työyhteisöissä (Economical impact of Art-based activities in working places). Jarno Turunen & Heli Ansio & Pia Houni. Arts Promotion Centre Finland (17 000)
2017-2019 Muutosten lähteillä - Siltoja uuteen työhön (In the Oasis of Changes – Bridges to the postfordist work). Finnish Work Environment Fund. (184 874 total budjet, TSR 100 000) (Research Director)
2014-2015 Hyve2020: Työ, Yhteisö ja Kestävä talous. / VIRTUE2020: Work, Community and Sustainable economy. The Finnish Funding Agency of Technology and Innovation (149 000e - 400 000e) (Research Director of the one team)
2012-2013 Taiteilijan hyvinvointi taidetyön muutoksessa. / Artists well being in transition of working life. Finnish Work Environment Fund. (number 111253, 150 000e - 400 000e) (Research Director)
2012-2013 Taide- ja kulttuurityön omaehtoinen johtajuus ja liminaalitilassa syntyvät innovaatiot / Self-leadership in art and culture work and innovations in a liminal situation.
the Finnish Funding Agency of Technology and Innovation (108 820e - 500 000e) (Research Director of the one team)
2012 ”Pitäisi laajentaa työalaansa” Kuvataiteilijan ammattirooli ja osaamistarpeet tulevaisuuden työelämässä. / “Should expand profession field” Visual artists’ profession and  skills for the working life in future. The Finnish National Board of Education (26 000e - 50 000e)
2013 Tulevaisuuden osaamistarpeet kulttuurialan ammattitutkinnoissa. The Finnish National Board of Education (15 000e - 30 000e)
Merits in teaching and pedagogical competence
Master of Education (1995)
University Pedagogy (15 study weeks)
University of Tampere (2004-2006)
2004 “the Best Teacher of Year” –prize. University of Prize
Supervised nearly 400-500 art-based and empirical research theses (Bachelor, Master and Doctoral –thesis)
Awards, prizes and honours
2017 Best Presentation Award. ICPPW 2017: 19th International Conference on Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. Impacts of Art and Eudaimonic Well-Being in Working Life by Pia Houni and Piia Seppälä. London.
2013 Science Article of Year (with Kontinen et all.) Journal of Adult Education
2013 Influencer by information –prize. Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
2004 “the Best Teacher of Year” –prize. University of Prize
2000 Stipend of PhD work. Academics for Life, University of Arts
1999 Mikkeli Amateur Theatre Festival prize, Peter Høeg’s Borderliners
1992 Taekwon-do, Southwest-Finland, best female athlete of year
1992 Taekwon-do, Häme Munincipal, best female athlete of year
Other academic merits
Scientific and societal impact of research
Member of authority team in the professional groups.
Administrative responsibilities at the vice-director in the Department of Art and Literature at the University of Tampere.
Policy Briefs from research work (one example).
Regular referee in Domestic and International Scientific Journals.
Research publics are used in educational material as well developing processes in different organizations.
Scientific and societal impact of research
Total number of publications: over 300.
The details of Artistic Works and processes are available to read in my home page (artistic work).
Media presentations (see details in my Publishing list).
Positions of trust in society and other societal merits
Since 1992                                                                       
Organizer and chairman: various research seminars both in Finnish and English
*Referees statements for the research journals (Domestic and International journals)
2019 –                                                                                 
Member of authority team and chair
ESR-funding project Performance of look at work. Kouvola, XAMK and City theatre of Kouvola.
Member of authority team and vice chair
Dance Theatre Company Minimi
Member of authority team
Vuonislahti Artist Society
Member of authority team
ESR-project Performing job-hunting. University of Applied Science in Kouvola.
Member of authority team
Writers of Helsinki Society                                  
Art and well-being, member of authority team.
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.
WorkingLife2020, WorkUp, member of authority team. Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.
Health and Well-being from Culture
Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.
Member of Board
FinFam Mental Health Organization
Member of Board
Pro Lapinlahti, We Pop Up -project
Member of the Board and chair
Thesis – competition at University of applied science in Finland
Selecting candidates for the lecturers                                                                                                    Department of Acting, University of Tampere
Member of Board                       
Nordisk Teater Forsknig (Nordic Theatre Research)
Authority Member
Narrative theatre project with young people at schools. Organizer: Human resources of Pirkanmaa, RAY
Authority Member of Workgroup
Visual Art project.
Organizer: Summer University of Tampere
Vice Member of Council for the Sciences Department of Literature and Arts, University of Tampere
Vice Director at the Department of Literature and Arts University of Tampere
Member of the Board                                                                                                                               Society of Theatre Research in Finland           
Member of the Editorial                                                                                                       
Society of Theatre Research in Finland
Vice member of the Board                                                                                                                         Society of Sciences, Akava, Art Universities.
Member of the Board
VEST (Doctoral programme of performance arts, Theatre Academy)
Member of the Editorial                                                                                                                                  Finnish Youth Research Journal
Member of the Board                                                                                                                                Society of Youth Research, Helsinki
Member of the Workgroup - Youths’ Europe project. CIMO
Student Member of the Council for the                                                                                                 Sciences
University of Tampere, Department of Education
Student Member of an evaluation project University of Tampere, Department of Education.
Other memberships in Cultural Organizations
2016- 2017                                                                      
Member of the Board
Särö, Writers Society
2013- 2017                                                                      
Member of the Board
Writers Society in Helsinki
Member of the Board
Critical University, Helsinki
Member of the Board                                                                                                                                                
Artlab Oy, Helsinki
Other merits
Personal Competitive Grants and Stipends for Research, Writing and Artist works
2019 Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland. (residence in Stockholm)
2019 Resident place in Villa Kivi Rome (February 2020)
2015 Otto Malm foundation (workgroup)
2014 University of Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy
2014 Finnish – Greek Society in Helsinki
2013 Committee for Public Information in Finland
2013 Literature Foundation of Werner Söderström Company
2012 Finnish Orthodox Curators’ Society
2012 The Finnish Association of non-Fiction Writers
2011 Arts Promotion Centre in Finland
2009 Arts Promotion Centre in Finland
2008 Kone Foundation
2006 A. Onassis Foundation (Greece)
2006 University of Tampere
2006 Alfred Kordelin Foundation
2006 Arts Promotion Centre in Finland
2004 Finnish – Greek Society in Helsinki
2004 The Finnish Association of non-Fiction Writers
2002 Theatre Academy
2001 Arts Promotion Centre in Finland
2001 City of Hämeenlinna, Artists-fund
2001 Theatre Academy
2001 Finnish Cultural Foundation
2000 Literature Foundation of Werner Söderström Company
1999 Theatre Academy
1998 Arts Promotion Centre in Finland
1997 Sibelius-Academy
1997 Theatre Academy
1996 Finnish Academy
1996 Sibelius-Academy
1996 Theatre Academy