Academic Education



PhD in theatre and drama research

Theatre Academy, Department of Acting



Bachelor of Arts

University of Helsinki



Ph.D. student                    

University of Manchester, Department of Sociology, Department of Drama         



Master of Education

University of Tampere, Department of Education             

Other Academic Studies at Master's Level



Master of Arts                   

University of Helsinki, Faculty of Arts
Main subjects: Theatre Research, Creative Writing, Modern Greek language and Literature



Philosophical Counsellor

Critical Open University of Helsinki



Master of Theology (on going)                                                                                

University of Joensuu,

Faculty of Theology



University Pedagogy (15 study weeks)

University of Tampere





Adjunct Professor in Theatre and Drama Research

University of Tampere, Department of Literature and the Arts       

Work Experience


2010 - 2015                                           

Specialized Researcher

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health


2006 - 2010                                            

Senior Lecturer, Dramaturgy

Metropolia, University of Applied Science


2005 - 2006                                            

Director                                                                                                                                         Theatre Museum, Helsinki


2002 - 2005                                          


Theatre and Drama research

University of Tampere



Designer (part time)                                                                                                                   

Theatre Academy, Adult Education




NETO (Conditions and Realization of Stage Art) Theatre Academy/Finnish Academy

1995 - 1998                                        

Research Assistant, PhD                         

VEST (Doctoral Programme of Performing Arts, Theatre Academy)


1994-1995, 1997-1998                                          

Work Consult of Youth Workshops        

the City of Helsinki                                


1996 -1997                       

Work Consult for the Teachers                                                                                

Expressive Arts High School, Helsinki


1994 - 1995                                             

Youth research project 2000
Direct Helena Helve

(Finnish Youth Research Society and Ministry of Education)




Adult Education Project
Direct Marja-Liisa Rauste von Wright

(Finnish National Board of Education)



Memberships in Academic Organizations



Since 1992                                                Organizer and chairman: various research seminars both in Finnish and English


*Referees statements for the research journals



2007-2010                                                Member of the Board

Thesis - competition at University of applied science in Finland


2005                                                         Selecting candidates for the lecturers                                                                  Department of Acting, University of Tampere


2005-2006                                                                                 Member of Board              

Nordisk Teater Forsknig (Nordic Theatre Research)


2003-2006                                                Authority Member

Narrative theatre project with young people at schools. Organizer: Human resources of Pirkanmaa, RAY


2005                                                         Authority Member of Workgroup

Visual Art project.

Organizer: Summer University of Tampere


2003-2005                                                Vice Member of Council for the Sciences Department of Literature and Arts, University of Tampere


2003-2004                                                Vice Director at the Department of Literature and Arts                    

University of Tampere


2003-2004                                                Member of the Board                                                                   Society of Theatre Research in Finland   


2003-2007                                                Member of the Editorial                                                                  Society of Theatre Research in Finland


2000-2005                                                Vice member of the Board                                                                    Society of Sciences, Akava, Art Universities.


2002-2005                                                Member of the Board

VEST (Doctoral programme of performance arts, Theatre Academy)


1995-2001                                                Member of the Editorial                                                                       Finnish Youth Research Journal


1994-2001                                                Member of the Board                                                                  Society of Youth Research, Helsinki


1995-1999                                                Member of the Workgroup - Youths' Europe project. CIMO


1993                                                         Student Member of the Council  for the Sciences

University of Tampere, Department of Education


1993                                                         Student Member of an evaluation project University of Tampere, department of Education.


Other memberships in Cultural Organisations


2013-                                                        Member of the Board

                                                                 Writers Society in Helsinki


2012-2014                                                Member of the Board

Critical University, Helsinki


2009-2014                                                Member of the Board                                                          

                                                                 Artlab Oy, Helsinki



Personal Competitive Grants and Stipends for Research, Writing and Artist works


2014 University of Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy

2014 Finnish - Greek Society in Helsinki

2013 Committee for Public Information in Finland

2013 Literature Foundation of Werner Söderström Company

2012 Finnish Orthodox Curators' Society

2012 The Finnish Association of non-Fiction Writers

2011 Arts Promotion Centre in Finland

2009 Arts Promotion Centre in Finland

2008 Kone Foundation

2006 A. Onassis Foundation (Greece)

2006 Univerity of Tampere

2006 Alfred KordelinFoundation

2006 Arts Promotion Centre in Finland

2004 Finnish - Greek Society in Helsinki

2004 The Finnish Association of non-Fiction Writers

2002 Theatre Academy

2001 Arts Promotion Centre in Finland

2001 City of Hämeenlinna, Artists-fund

2001 Theatre Academy

2001 Finnish Cultural Foundation

2000 Literature Foundation of Werner Söderström Company

1999 Theatre Academy

1998 Arts Promotion Centre in Finland

1997 Sibelius-Academy

1997 Theatre Academy

1996 Finnish Academy

1996 Sibelius-Academy

1996 Theatre Academy




2013 Science Article of Year (with Kontinen et all.) Journal of Adult Education

2013 Influencer by information -prize. Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

2004 "the Best Teacher of Year" -prize. University of Prize

2000 Stipend of PhD work. Academics for Life, University of Arts

1999 Mikkeli Amateur Theatre Festival prize, Peter Høeg's Borderliners

1992 Taekwon-do, Southwest-Finland, best female atlete of year

1992 Taekwon-do, Häme Munincipal, best female atlete of year

A Master piece of Paul Klee